We Were Bowlers Once
The Inspiration for this wonderful tale


This is a direct rip of the book written by General Hal Moore called "We Were Soldiers Once...And Young."  (also a movie starring Mel Gibson)  It's a story about one of the first major American battles in Vietnam, complete with quotes by many of the people who actually survived it.   The North Vietnamese Army (NVA) became the North Viennese Alleykats.   The idea of making them bowlers instead of soldiers seemed like a funny one, but making them krauts was what worked for me in the end.   At first they were going to be a Vietnamese team, but wouldn't it be funnier for the NVA to be bald goose-stepping kraut bowlers? 

Anyway, I recommend Hal Moore's book if you like great war stories.  This may be the best of them all.

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