Terror in the Heart
The Inspiration for this wonderful tale

Thanks to Rhonna Soubiea for the idea for this tale.  She sent me a story written by a woman who was going through the agony of getting ready for a class reunion.  The poor woman was trying to fit back into the dress she wore to the prom, etc.   This is just the male version of that story.   

Also, this year is the 30th year of my high school class' graduation (not that I graduated that year), so it all seemed to gel.   I spent a long time, fully three minutes, coming up with the title.  This title had to be special and attention grabbing.   

It was my wife Sandi's idea that the reunion should turn out to have people being nice, but Warmheart doesn't recognize it.   I was going to have him go and be mauled and bullied just like he was in high school.   In the original version, Warmheart receives the invitation and there are wise-ass comments scrawled in ink on the it; stuff like "You still called Warmheart, ya fucking bozo?  HAHAHAHA".    It turns out that the kindest, most warmhearted people I know are the ones who come up with the coldest ideas for the stories.   Like with the Death of a Clown story.  It was her idea that Warmheart would not see a clown again "unless it was through the sight of my rifle".   It was kind, warmhearted Steve Smith who - when I told him that the phrase "a vanload of retarded adults" was funny to me -  added the perfect touch:  "all wearing helmets".   It's that twist, that extra touch that makes it for me.  



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