Sparky the Fire Dog Saves the Day
The Inspiration for this wonderful tale

This story is based on some truth. My brother is the fire chief at Moffet Field near San Jose

One day I did a web search on the name Alstrand. Up came a story about a money collecting program his fire department had done just after 9-11. Firefighters were out there with big rubber boots and people were piling cash into them as fast as they could get it out of their wallets. I'm sure the money was used for some sort of charitable function. Something like beer money for the fire figthers, I don't know. Then, there were those photos. The one of the firefighter with the sunglasses looking around looks suspicious to me. The photo of some stupid bastard in a dog suit with the word Sparky (at least I think that's what it says) written on the helmet iced it for me. I mean, isn't it funny as hell to make that guy Sparky the Fire Dog and have him bilking children and old people out of money after 9-11? Isn't it? I'm laughing my ass off just writing about it right now. I think I laughed harder writing this story than any one of them since "Breaking Bread With the Refugees". So thanks Gary and all of the firefighters at Moffet Field. Just one question: what did you really do with all that money that was crammed into those boots? Is that how you got that new pool table on 9/12?

The obscure jokes: "...saddened by the near miss at the white house" and the part about the glazed donut stuff on the chief's fingers.


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