The Jobs I Have Known
The Inspiration for this wonderful tale

Warmheart is truly a loving - and oh so lovable - character.   It was important to me, in the telling of this tale, to remind the readers just how far this man would go to make a grievous time just a little bit better for those in need.   

In these Warmheart's Tales, he must never fail to give you a feeling of comfort.   If, upon finishing this, my masterpiece, your heart has not grown two full sizes, then I - the brilliant author - have failed.  If I have reached out and touched just one person, then it has all been truly worthwhile.

I would like to thank you, my loyal readership, for each tear your have shed as I bring you these special tales of this special man called Warmheart.   So many of you write to say "Dear Dennis.  Is Warmheart really you in disguise?".  I always laugh lightly and write back to say "oh, you've found me out."     

See you next Friday!


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