Warmheart's Tales, written by noted author Hugh Jass, were beloved by many until Jass' untimely demise in March of 2003 while riding around in a van wearing a football helmet.

How many can you name in the above picture?

An introduction to the world of Warmheart's creator by none other than Charles Dickens

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Warmheart receives a letter in the mail.  What that letter has to say is so terrifying and frightful that suicide doesn't even seem fitting, in Terror in the Heart. Sent out 3/28/03 



A clown is sure to die and only Warmheart seems to have the heart, or the guts, to race into the arena to save him, in The Death of a ClownSent out 3/21/03

Still upset about the events of 9/11? Time to get over it. Warmheart has and here's his story about what he did during those fateful days. It's a little ditty called Sparky the Fire Dog Saves the Day. Sent out 3/14/03


It's a good thing you've come here, my friend, because you are about to gain some startling information about how stupid babies really are in Warmheart's latest tale: The Infant Intelligentsia. Sent out 3/9/03

Fall in love with Warmheart all over again as he talks about the special people he has touched in his life.  You won't want to miss this special feature:  The Jobs I Have Known.   Sent out 2/28/03    Warmheart is nothing if not patriotic.  In Ambassador Warmheart, a story of American togetherness and "following the leader",  he decides that his country's leaders know what's best for the world and sets out  to make it happen.  Sent out 2/21/03.

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