The Death of a Clown
The Inspiration for this wonderful tale

There is a new stock phrase that will be in many Warmheart's Tales:  A vanload of retarded adults, wearing helmets.   It's a beautiful line, and one that I'm proud of.  I had come up with "a vanload of retarded adults" and Steve Smith added the priceless "wearing helmets".  It's the sort of thing that could almost bring a tear to the eye.   In the same paragraph is "human shield", the other thing that I think is guaranteed to raise a laugh.

Ahh, but what was the inspiration for this wonderful tale?   The main part of the story, where Warmheart is confused by the clown show, was going to be a mere stepping stone to a long evil-clown dream sequence, where one group of clowns hates Warmheart because he has the word "war" in his name.  The other group, the hawkish clowns, hate him because he has the word heart in his name.   The whole thing was decidedly unfunny.  The confusion during the clown show was getting better laughs when I read it to Sandi, my Warmheart sounding board.  By the way, it was ever peaceful, pacifist, hunter hating Sandi who suggested the line "never see a clown again, unless it's through the sites of my rifle".   How do you like having a wife that adds great stuff like that to your story?   


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