Paul was one of the most innovative bass players ever. And half the stuff that is going on now is directly ripped off from his Beatles period.-- John Lennon1

I became very proud to be the bass player in the Beatles.--Paul McCartney2

He set a standard no one has ever reached--George Martin9

Paul's influence on bassists has been so widespread over numerous generations that there's no denying he's in everybody's playing at this point. We're all descendants.--Will Lee



This is an article written by Dennis Alstrand for, bass players and Beatles fans everywhere.   As John Lennon told David Scheff, McCartney was one of the most innovative bass players ever.   This article looks at some of the reasons this is the case.   If you're a doubter, I strongly advise you to go directly to the "What Do Others Say?" link.   This opinion is shared by some of the best known bass players in the world.

To me, this article is a means to a discussion.   I invite feedback.   

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I have some thoughts on Paul's playing on John's songs

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