Then and Now

I love Then and Now photos, the idea being to find an old photograph of an interesting spot and then go find that exact spot and recapture the scene as it looks now.  Until recently, all Then and Now's were taken in towns around the San Francisco Bay.  Now, I've expanded!  There is a section on Grass Valley/Nevada City. 

Down at the south end of the San Francisco bay is a town called Alviso.  Although I grew up about 10 miles north of the town, I'd never been there.  In the 1990s, Marlene and I went to the sleepy little town and did my first ever Then and Now recreation. Press the photo to visit Alviso!

Steve joined us for a memorable trip to San Francisco.  We hit the ground running and even made it over to....

...the Cliff House over on the west side.

Marlene and I made a trip to my ol' home town, Newark, about 20 miles south of Oakland. After recreating most of the shots I got in her car after putting the camera on top of it.  We found the poor thing in a shambles on the side of the road.  Into a store, buy a new one, and we redid them all. 

In September of 2012, we took a trip to Alameda and found that not much has changed there in 100 years!

Here are photos of Grass Valley and Nevada City, done with my Aunt Mable in Sept. of 2012
Pine st

Nevada City
San Francisco
Cliff House
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