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Alviso is a sleepy little town just north of San Jose, California. Considering it is part of a huge urban sprawl known as the Bay Area, it is nice to drive into this town and step back about 50 years. I've always been fascinated by Then and Now photos - where a photographer will find the exact spot an old photo was taken and create a new one, framed like the old.

I did this with some photos of Alviso, taken with my friend Marlene Smith one warm summer day in 2006. The people that we met were (almost) all friendly. Here are four photos with more to come. There are quite a few more Alviso photos coming, so please come back.

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Adobe Boathouse
cThe old Alviso Adobe house The spectacular South Bay Yacht Harbor
Image of the Alviso Depot "Then"
Image of house on
                  Elizabeth St.

It took some research to figure out that this was the old Alviso train depot. It has been privately owned for years.


This old house on Elizabeth St. has a lot of history to it.
Image of
                  tracks leading into town then Image of Vahls
                  Restaraunt Then

The tall building most visible off to the right of the tracks is the pump house that is barely visible to the right of the house in the Elizabeth St. photo, upper right. You can't quite make it out, but the building vaguely visible on the left is the Depot house.


Vahls has been at this location for many years. It looks a lot different now.
Cannery ]
The Bay Side Cannery, closed in 1931 but still standing. We had to sneak to get a photo of this house
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Cliff House
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