The Alviso Depot


I spent a lot of time trying to find the exact spot the photographer took that photo back in the 50s or 60s and after getting my photos back, I still think the angle was just a bit off.

Out of fear and respect, I never wanted to disturb any of the home owners of the houses I was photographing, but the guy who lives here was working hard on the yard. He and his wife came out and we had a great talk about the community, etc. The guy even moved his car into the spot the car was in the old photo. I have never asked if I could put their names on the website, but they are awaiting it and so here it is!

By the way, I melded two photos in mine so that I could show the palm tree that was just a little thing in the old photo (I colorized it green). The thing has grown a few feet.

Changes from the house of old: The window on the left side used to have 9 sections, the wooden structure in front of that window is gone, an awening has been built over the front door, the fence has been replaced, a shed has been built, the middle front section now has three windows on top, the fireplug (lower right on the Then photo) has been removed, the sectioned window to the left of the front door has been replaced,the hedge in front of the fence is gone along with the "bush garden" in front of it, and what about the boat and all the junk in the Then photo? What landfill is that in?

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