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There are a whole lot of old postcards about a place called The Rockery in Alameda.  It was a small island at the corner of Alameda and Central, where the road Y's.  It was a nice looking place, looking at the old post cards.

In fact, judging by this early scene, it must have  been built hundreds of millions of years ago.  

Rockery Rockery
Here is a touched up photo nearly the same place as the prehistoric photo above. Talk about a Then and Now! But, the question remained, does the place still exist?  All we had to go on was a few cards that said, simply, "THE ROCKERY".  Fortunately a web search showed us that not only did it exist, but it did at a Y intersection at Alameda and Central.
Note, however, just to the right of the fence post is the bottom of a set of stairs.  Interestingly placed, because those stairs seem to change location from shot to shot.
And here it is as it looks now.  You can see that it is an island just at the intersection.


An interesting shot of the rockery taken from about 10 feet to the right of the ones above.  You can clearly see the location of the stair case.  And look at that house behind it with the half-moon window and cool roofing pattern.  How'd you like to be the roofer on that job?
Another now shot, well it would be a bit better if that guy would move his SUV.  We spent some time trying to figure out if the white house that is there on the left is the same as the brown house in the old photo, much modified.  Turns out not to be the case. The Rockery is a hard nut to crack.


Here's the Rockery from the opposite angle.  I like this shot!  Note the stairs are around the other side of the island now!  Spoooky. Another shot of the rockery as it looks now. Well, you'd be able to see it if someone would go move their stupid SUV!

Old house by Rockery
Rockery then
As we studied the Rockery, I noticed that there was a couple sitting out in their garden behind that picket fence there.  I went to ask if they were aware that the scene near their house was such a popular one in the old post card market.  They didn't know that, but...
...after some conversation, they brought out an old photo of their house, taken around 1900.  We took a photo of that photo and here it is now.  Well, then to be more exact. As you can see the house has very little, maybe zero, modifications that have been done to it in 112 years.  The picket fence has been added. The horse soldiers hae been removed.  not much else has changed.
Well, let's wave so long to Alameda.
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