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There's no doubt about it, when it comes to post card fame, Park Street rules all in Alameda. (Dramatic music builds) come with me on an historical journey, a step-by-step view of this famous street let's get to the photos, shall we?

Park and Alameda

Park and Alameda
Park an Alameda
This is Park, just north of Alameda, looking towards the east bay hills somewhere around the turn of the century, if not earlier.  Aren't you glad that women don't dress like that any more?  Can you imagine how long it took to get ready to go out? 
And here, probably in the 1920s.  You can see some of the same building.  While the "Hay, Grain, Wood and Coal" building on the left has gone the way of the over-dressed ladies. The red roofed building with the bay windows is in the shot on the left, as well as the long building just beyond that.  What's that?  Where's the now shot?  We took one, I just don't know where it is!  If I didn't live about 3,000 miles from Alameda I'd go back and take another one.  So this is a WAY BACK THEN and SLIGHTLY LESS WAY BACK THEN.

Park and Santa Clara. 

Park and
                          Santa Clara

Note the building on the left, with the arched windows. 

Park then
Park 1960
From the '10s or '20s.  Here's one of the many examples of old post cards taken from the middle of the road.  There's that arched window building on the right.
The same shot taken around 1960.  If I knew cars better, I'd be able to guess better.   It looks to me like the Corvette is late 50s while the Chevy next to it is 1956. The van is, I think, a Dodge and looks like a 1960.   The store is now a Cut-Rate drug store and home to the (according to a web search on IOOF) Independent Order of the Oddfellows.  Oddfellows?  Can you imagine those meetings?  No one acting normal.
Look at the top of the arch windowed building.  The little stone arches have disappeared, and a cornerpiece on top has been added.
Park now
Park now
The same shots from now, and we were diligent about standing in the middle of the lane.  "Take the picture and, whooops, back on the sidewalk!". We'd have had to wait a long time for a street-car to come to make the recreation of the shot top left ideal, though. Now for the old arch window building.  Everything of ornamental interest is gone.  The stone work around the arch windows as well as the balcony at the top of the building.  "We only want plain flat smooth buildings around here now" is the order of the day.

Looking the other way

Park then
Park now
Here is Park and Santa Clara, turning the camera around, looking towards the east by hills and shot in the 1950s judging by the number of boats parked along the other side of the road. 
And here's the scene now.  Even though we knew what corner the "Then" shot was taken, this was hard to find.  We walked up and down and then finally Steve pointed and said "There it is".  It seems obvious now, but this is the fun of Then and Now photography..finding that location.  Longs is "long" gone, hahaha.  But most of the buildings remain and some even as they were (including the large building down the road on the left)
Well, that's it for Park Street, in all its postcard fabled glory.  Let's head over to the Rockery.  What's the Rockery?  I had no idea until I saw some old post cards of the little island of rocks.  Was it still there?  Shootz!

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