Alameda - Santa Clara Ave

Elk's Lodge
Elk's Lodge now
Strolling down Santa Clara Ave, where the administrative buildings live, you first come across the Elk's Club.  Here it is as it looked in the 1940s or 50s.  Here are the beginnings of recently planted trees and shrubs.
Stroll there now and you see that - with the exception of the framing around the windows,  the building hasn't changed, but the trees and bushes have. I would guess, based on the shadows, that the photo on the left was taken about 30 minutes earlier in the day than this one - but at the same time of year.

Elk's Lodge and City
Elk's Club and City Hall now
Just past the Elk's Club is the old City Hall.
The old City Hall building is there, just hidden by trees.  The cupola visible in the old photo is gone now.

City Hall then
City Hall
Looking past City Hall towards downtown
...and how it looks now

City Hall then
City Hall now
Our final shot of City Hall, taken just down the road from the last one...
...and so we strolled down to the same spot

Carnegie Library
Carnegie Library Now
This shot is from just across the street of the last if the photographer simply turned around to take this one.  It is the Carnegie Library
Here's how the building looks now. 

Carnegie Library Interior
Carnegie Library Interior now
This is what the Carnegie Library looked like from the inside in 1907
We were looking forward to getting inside the building and seeing what it looks like now.  Sad to say, the library is clearly closed.  The shot through the door here does reveal that the five windows seen in the old photo are stained glass!  The globe?  Sadly, long gone.
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