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The Adelphian Club

Adelphian ancient Adelphia then
Above is the building that used to house the Adelphian Club.  Built in 1907.  I have no idea what Adelphians are.  My guess is that they're from Pennsylvania and don't like the name Phil. And if you get that joke, send a few bucks my way.
I's possible that the color-retouched post card above is the same as the photo on the left.  The tree in front has been enlarged and the large on on the right removed.  Stalin's old gang at work!
Adelphian now
Adelphian now
Here's what the building looks like now.  Only the addition of power lines has changed the scenery.
And for a photo taken from a different angle in order to give a better idea of what the building looks like now

The Veterans' Memorial Building

                                  Memorial 40s
Veterans 50
Right across the street from the Adelphian Club is the Veterans Memorial it is as it looked in the 1940s.  A cold winter, judging by the trees.
And the same building shot from about 20 feet to the right of the last shot. Date unknown.

Veterans now

And here's what the building looks like now. Anyone have a chain saw?

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