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Paul's influence on bassists has been so widespread over numerous generations that there's no denying he's in everybody's playing at this point.--Will Lee

This article looks at how Paul McCartney brought the role of the bass guitar from the depths of the briny oceans out into the sunlight.   I've tried to point out what he does with many of the Beatle songs (as well as his solo stuff) to make them vibrant.

as quoted in the book "The Beatles as Musicians" 

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Then and Now


One of my hobbies is to find old photographs of a town, and go re-create them. It's always kind of exciting to find the exact spot a photographer stood maybe 100 years ago, then - if the buildings in the old photo still exist - line up the shot exactly as was done before. Without fail, the place seems smaller in reality than it did looking at the old photo. Also, almost without exception, I'm surprised to find that there were almost no trees around our cities 100 years ago.  Try to take a shot now, and the view is covered by the leafy things. Let's go back through time and look at some then and now recreations from various places around the SF Bay Area: Alviso, San Francisco, The Cliff House, Newark and Alameda.


Ahhh, for the love of Warmheart and his tales. Go here to read tales of warmth, debauchery...oops, I mean tenderness and backhanded love.


Halla Nass

In 1973, Louie Cortez and Lance Morrison put a horn band together designed to change the world.   It was my first band and, probably for that reason, my favorite one.  Five of the six members of Halla Nass talk about the birth and (flaming) death of the band that could have gone somewhere if only.....if only.....we had better singers.  If you've ever pondered what it's like being in a band....

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